A Guide To Types Of Sexy Lingerie

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Sexy Lingerie

Wondering about the differences between the various types of sexy lingerie and underwear such a basque or a bustier? or want to know the difference between a babydoll and a chemise?

Then Learn all there is to know about any item of lingerie in our multi-part in-depth guide to lingerie styles. With easily divided sections for fast reference and quick finding of specific underwear types/ Its perfect for anyone looking increase their lingerie IQ.

whether its men looking to buy gifts who might not be sure where to start or ladies that just want to increase their sexy underwear knowledge and understanding, this simple easy to read guide will be able to provide all the sexy underwear education you will ever need!



A Babydoll is a very short and glamourous sleeveless nightgown featuring thin shoulder straps that has a length falling somewhere between the belly button and upper thigh area and flares out from below the bust downwards giving it the effect of floating on the skin and over the hips. An essential in any lingerie arsenal a babydoll has tight-fitting cups and often feature a bow, clasp or knot at the bust.

They are often sheer in nature and feature lots of lace giving them a very transparent nature and are usually short or sheer enough (although sometimes can be longer) to allow the panty area to be partly visible when worn so usually come with matching panties of some sort most often a thong to compliment their minimal clean line style and provide coverage if needed. However they will often be worn without to heighten the sexual appeal and comfort.

Babydolls are great for accentuating curves with their flared shape and perfect for teasing with their barely covered nature and pulse-quickening erotic feminine appeal.

They are luxuriously soft and full of silky sumptuousness and romantic ruffles, A baby doll is a very feminine and graceful style of lingerie usually accentuated with intricate detailing of lace, ribbons, bows, ruffles and other frilly features.

They are extremely comfortable and easy to move in due to their floating style. perfect for making you feel like an immaculate princess whether for intimate adventures in the bedroom or as a great choice of luxurious nightwear for sleeping in.

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A Basque is similar to a corset and is a longer version of a bustier. Unlike bustiers, basques extend past the waistline over the hips. Like a bustier a basque uses hook and eye fastening (just like a bra) to fasten at the back unlike a corset which fastens with laces.

Basques also almost always feature brasserie breast cups whereas some corsets may start below the bust. Basques are a lot less restrictive than a corset but are still figure fitting and control your look as they give a smooth line from bust to hips.

They usually come with detachable garters or suspenders and feature ornate decorative design details. They offer a contoured fit with out excessive molding compression resulting in a more comfortable wearing experience. A multifunctional classic, they are fantastic for flaunting killer curves in the bedroom as they contour around the waistline, streamlining the hips and  truly look at their best teamed with stockings attached to the suspender garters for maximum visual appeal and sexiness.

They are also great for wearing underneath a figure hugging outfit or evening gown as the smoothing effect of a basque is the secret ingredient used by many celebrities to create a smooth clean line underneath clothing. However you choose to use them they will make you feel a truly desired woman.

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A Bustier also known as a Bustiere in french is a form-fitting garment for women, which is typically worn as lingerie. It’s primarily designed to push up the bust by tightening against the upper midriff and forcing the breasts up, while gently shaping the waist. Nowadays though it can also be worn as a push-up bra under a low-backed dress, or as a camisole for outerwear. Modern bustiers are often made up of mesh panels rather than the traditional boning.

These are well fitting tops that are fastened at the back and accentuate the bust. Similar to a corset in appearance, a bustier serves to push up the bust to create more cleavage. they are less constricting and are usually made from more flexible material.

Basically a super long and tight bra, that is fitted from the cup area all the way down to the waist. A bustier is essentially a longline strapless bra that supports and defines the breasts. This is achieved through a similar action to the corset, and although a bustier may feature boning, it is not worn tightly cinched like a corset but merely snugly to the form.

A bustier also features bra cups at the top and is shorter than a typical corset, normally stopping at the waist or slightly above it.

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A Corset is a classic that is traditionally worn to hold and train the torso into a desired shape of hourglass perfection for aesthetic purposes. Since as far back as the 16th century corset’s have been used primarily to enhance the curvature of the body by making the waist conform to the alluring silhouette of the perfect hourglass shape and to slim the body.

Corsets wrap around the midsection and usually extend from just below the breast area down to the hips. They emphasise a curvy figure by pulling and reducing the waist inwards therefore exaggerating a woman’s bust and hips.  Support of the bust is not the first purpose of a corset, although it occurs as a result due of the squeezing around the torso.

Corsets are usually fastened by laces in either the front or back unlike the similar basques / bustiers which use a bra style fastening among other differences although modern corsets increasingly feature a hook or zipper fastening and have the lacing just as a decorative feature.

Many corsets often have solid boning lining the edges of the bodice to keep maximum control over their shape.

Corsets are also much tighter and stronger than basques and bustiers in their fit giving a very molded look to the wearer. They were originally designed to reduce the size of the waist by several inches however Modern fashion corsets are worn much more for short term decorative effect and are slightly looser and more forgiving in their fit and comfort and can also be loosely laced and worn as a regular top rather than the traditional tightly tailored version used to train and shape the waist over a lengthy period of long term wear.

Corsets give a very appealing and sexy look in the bedroom and really emphasise your curves with the classic and timeless erotic hourglass shape they create.  whether worn for an erotic treat or underneath everyday clothing to shape your form , They are great for giving confidence by keeping everything under control and giving you the most flattering shape possible.

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Bodies / Bodysuits


A body also known as a bodysuit is a tight form fitting piece of lingerie that doubles up as a secret weapon in your underwear drawer! It takes its name because it covers the entire upper body in one garment (like a one piece swimsuit),

It usually joins with buttons or similar at the crotch. Originally the design feature was to allow visits to the toilet, however nowadays this feature is more emphasised for its crotchless functionality in a provocative erotic style.

A bodysuit or body is often worn as regular everyday underwear and can be worn under a dress to discreetly refine the feminine silhouette.
These fantastic one-piece wonders work great for that flattering seamless look.

Bodies can be made of different fabrics, lace, mesh, nylon, etc but in general bodysuits have a fiber stretch nature to their fabric like spandex or lycra, to give a better tighter fit to the shape of the body. very similar to a teddy, the main difference being that although usually quite sheer they are often made of somewhat thicker more closer knit material providing more coverage than a teddy and are much more tighter fitting to the figure.

Multi functional, a body is a perfect item of lingerie to deliver a flawless foundation when worn under your outfit it will smooth your silhouette and contour your curves with its sleek lines it will deliver both comfort and control. As one of the more erotic lingerie styles and with their crotchless functionality they also perfect to wear on their own for an alluring erotic look in the bedroom!

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A teddy is a style of lingerie that’s delivers the function of a camisole and knickers combined in one convenient item. It is a like having underwear and a short top combined.

Perfect for boudoir teasing.  Like a body / bodysuit teddy’s are similar in design to a one-piece bathing / swimsuit in that they are a single piece garment that cover’s a woman’s torso and crotch using a single piece of material is held up with shoulder straps.

Where a teddy differs to a one-piece swimsuit or bodysuit / body is a teddy is usually made of a looser material and the fabric is made with a more sheer and delicate material to increase its sexual allure.

One of the main benefits that make Teddy’s preferable to women instead of wearing a separate camisole and pair of panties is that having the
garments combined in one helps to avoid displaying a visible panty line.

Teddies were first developed in the early part of the 20th century and were considered a modest item unlike today when they are worn as sexy lingerie.

Basically a teddy takes the lingerie style of a bustier / camisole and joins it together with panties / flirty shorts for a cute all-in-one vintage-look style that’s a perfect alternative to a chemise, It looks similar to a very sexy one-piece bathing suit made of slinky fabrics.

Teddies are fairly similar to bodysuits and the term is sometimes used interchangeably however a bodysuit is generally regarded to be form-fitting in nature, whereas a teddy is considered to be looser, and much more sheer in its material providing less coverage and not designed to provide support of any kind.

Perfect for a fabulously flirty and devastatingly sexy look in the boudoir whilst maintaining luxurious levels of comfort.

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A playsuit is a style of lingerie that is very similar in design to a teddy or body, in that playsuits are usually a one piece design where the top and bottom pieces are joined into one complete garment.

They can range from thicker more covering material often made from satin or silk or can be more delicately made with a very thin strip of fabric such as lace or sheer material that emphasises the contours of a woman’s shape and her feminine physique, particularly the breasts and hips.

Where a play suit differs from a bodysuit is that it tends to be much looser fitting and not used to control or shape the body so it more floats on the skin and differs from a teddy in that it tends to be more covering, It also differs from both in that it also usually features more of a shorts or french knicker longer style cut at the bottom.

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A bodystocking is an extremely sexy, highly popular, tightly fitted one piece hosiery garment that covers the whole body, made from sheer material similar to that used for stockings or tights.

Designs, styles and patterns vary greatly from simple to extremely intricate but they can include, lace, fishnet, fence net and some opaque material such as satin etc.

A body stocking covers the torso and legs and sometimes also the arms of the wearer in a long or short sleeved style depending on the design and they often have panels cut out to bare more flesh.

Like stockings or tights they are highly stretchable due t the inclusion of lycra / elastic etc in their material. It is like a very sexy and flattering upper body lingerie garment combined with stockings all in one piece.

The first bodystocking recorded to be worn was in the late 1800’s. Designs have progressed a lot over the years and now there are a huge amount of styles to choose from. they can be worn under clothing as underwear due to the smooth flawless line it creates due to its skin tight one-piece nature and fact that it cannot become untucked from the outfit. However nowadays their use is much more popular as an extremely sexy choice of erotic lingerie for the bedroom and bodystockings may often also be worn as an erotic outfit by performers such as belly dancers and exotic dancers.

Modern bodystockings (especially when designed as intimate lingerie) are usually either crotchless or open into a dress shape around the upper thighs. can be worn with other underwear such as a bra and panties for extra coverage or support, but usually they are worn without, whether under clothing for a smooth silhouette or simply on its own to maximise sexual appeal in the bedroom due to the highly revealing nature of its sheer / transparent material and open crotch design. which also means it can be kept on or just the just the tap half easily rolled down to to provide easy hassle free accessibility for intimate activity.

A body stocking will usually be put on legs first  through the opening in the top upper torso/neck area in a similar method to applying a pair of stockings or tights. the material would be compressed down down then one foot would be placed in then the stocking pulled up and the method repeated for the other leg, it would then be pulled up over the waist, hips and lower body and then the arms compressed and put on one at a time in the same way  as the legs and then pulled over the upper body and then adjusted to ensure a smooth fit without any scrunching.

This exciting item of naughty underwear usually only comes in two sizes due to the highly stretchable nature of its hosiery-like material. we stock them in a regular 6-16 or a plus size 18-24 size.

They are highly appealing to women as a choice of intimate lingerie to spice things up as they make you feel very attractive despite your shape or size due to the forgiving nature of their stretchable material which helps shape and make the most of your figure in a very flattering way which in turn boosts your confidence sky high making you feel very sexy.Body stockings are also extremely appealing to your partner due to the fact that they are very visually exciting and a the psychological fact that a confident woman is much more attractive.

This style of lingerie is also highly popular due to its easily affordable price and easy size choice. Since a body stocking covers the whole body in one piece of easily stretchable one size material, it provides an instant and highly appealing entire lingerie outfit in one easy item. and as such works an easier and more cost effective option than building an outfit from buying several items and combining them together to make a set.

A great choice for making a real impact and wearing something a bit more risqué and daring than usual.

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Lingerie Sets & Bra Sets

Lingerie Sets & Bra Sets

A Lingerie set or bra set is a ready made set of matching lingerie items designed to be worn together as underwear / bedroom outfit.  it usually comprises of a bra combined with a matching item of panties, knickers, thing etc and quite often a matching suspender belt. stockings are not usually included but are often ordered in a matching colour as a perfect compliment to maximise the outfits visual and erotic sexual appeal.

Bra sets are a popular choice as they remove the need to search for and buy matching items separately and provide all pieces (with the exception of the low cost stockings) in one lower priced purchase. for these same reasons they often make a popular gift choice providing the correct sizes are known.

Lingerie sets sometimes will include accessories or props depending on the outfits theme / context, for example, whips or wrist restraints for our more kinkier designs, or gowns, sequinned head-dresses for our belly dancing outfit

Lingerie and Bra set’s are often worn underneath clothing as extra special regular underwear and also are highly popular worn on their own as a sexy treat in the bedroom.

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A chemise is a loose-fitting but fitted at the waist, sleeveless, short length dress style gown held up by thin shoulder straps that falls somewhere between upper / mid-thigh or the knees in length.

Similar to a babydoll or a negligee, A chemise is more fitted around the hips than either of these and doesn’t feature the flared shape of a babydoll at the bottom. It is also much shorter in length than a negligee.

The chemise originated in europe in the middle ages and was originally a loose uni-sex, one piece shirt style of clothing with sleeves however over time it has developed into the popular ladies lingerie garment known today, and as such is made from much more delicate & intricate fabrics.

A chemise can also often be referred to as a nightie or sometimes night-gown although this is a much more generic term that describes a dress-style piece of nightwear of any length.

Chemise’s are in essence flirty, short length, figure tracing nightgowns, that are usually made from a light luxuriously comfortable soft material such as satin or silk or a sheer, lace type material that enhances their seductive appeal and accentuates their chic elegant nature. They can often also feature intricate detailing to boost their super glamourous appeal

Owing to their loose but curved feminine cut, they are not only extremely luxurious to wear providing easy comfortable movement, they are also very visually flattering as well, and perfect to gracefully cover any wobbly bits you may be feeling self conscious about behind a gorgeous feminine outline.

These flirtatious nightdresses are very popular whether worn as a sexy enticing outfit in the bedroom or just as a highly luxurious choice of sleepwear.

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Long Gowns / Full Length Gowns  / Negligees

Negligees & Long-Gowns

A Negligee or full length / long gown is a form of long night- dress often reaching to the ankles. It is a style of that comes under the grouping of night-gown and the term night-gown also includes several other similar but different types in its grouping such as a baby doll and chemise. It is often made from silly or satin style material and can sometime be made of or feature sheer material.

The negligee, first developed in the 18th century in France and during this era followed the style of a lady’s daytime dress. Following world war II it developed into a style of lingerie and over the years has gradually become slightly shorter in length. the long gowns of modern times have a much looser fit than the negligees that were originally first developed.  and are usually detailed with ornate trimming featuring lace panels, bows, ribbons and other fine feminine features.

As mentioned above a negligee comes under the grouping of a night-gown which is the generic term used for a dress style piece of sleepwear of any length. however a negligee is not fitted at the waist like a chemise. And unlike a baby doll doesn’t feature the flared shape at the base and usually doesn’t include the matching panties that a baby doll comes with, its most defining factor however is that it is also much longer in length than either of these and can sometimes although not often feature sleeves.

A Negligee is a great choice for a much more covered and modest look that is also still highly sexy and flattering due to its ornate glamourous nature and attractive feminine shape and also provides a graceful vintage style sex appeal due to it a fantastic elegant retro style look. you can almost feel like you’ve been escorted back to a different era and will feel every inch a woman in one of our full-length gown negligees

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Camis / Camisoles / Slips


A Cami

A Cami also known as a full slip is a truly classic and very popular item of lingerie that combines the idea of a camisole and a half slip into a usually tightly fitted one piece Item, sometimes worn under a dress or blouse and skirt although its use is much more often as a very attractive and exciting item of sexy lingerie.

It is very short in length and extremely revealing and as such is often sold paired with matching pababy dollke a babydoll is in order to provide more coverage if needed although they are often worn without them as a standalone item.

Camis also usually feature suspender straps also known as garter straps in order to be connected to a pair of stockings and they look truly fantastic when combined together.

A Slip

A Slip also known as a half slip is similar in shape to a skirt with a varying hem length and is elasticised in order to sit at the waist. in its functional use it is worn underneath a dress or skirt as a form of barrier in order to mask the legs and crotch area which may otherwise be visible when the wearer is standing in the direction of a source of light and also to enable them to glide against the outside of the body without generating static and or clinging to the skin and to add a layer of warmth. however most transparent skirts or dresses often come with a lining nowadays so they are often usually worn alone or with other sexy lingerie such as a camisole for a sexy sultry retro look in the boudoir.

A Camisole

A Camisole is basically the top part of a cami if it were cut into two items. it is a sleeveless top  that  resembles a tank top or vest in shape but usually with an elastic bust section or shelf, and is much more lingerie like in fabric and detail often trimmed in lace. Camisoles cover the top part of the body and can be worn with or without a bra and can be worn with a matching slip to make a sexy lingerie set.

A Cami is a fantastic all round choice as a great item to spice up things in the bedroom providing masses of enticing and visually exciting erotic appeal due to is revelaing and tightly fitted shape, which also makes it very flattering to the wearer as it tends to control and shape the figure into a very attractive feminine silhouette.

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Look out for part 2 or our Lingerie Guide coming soon!