Sexy Hosiery | Stockings | Suspenders

Sexy Hosiery | Stockings | Suspenders

Classic and Erotic In Equal Measure

The full range of Sexy Hosiery for that timeless classic erotic hot lingerie look of stockings and suspenders, You cant fail to be glamourous and desireable in these  stunning sexy womens underwear products that leave no doubt of your intentions, These items belong firmly in the wardrobe of any serious seductress.

Hosiery Leg Stockings can be held up in one of three ways:

•   A suspender belt or garter belt, is the most common way of holding up stockings. It is a piece of lingerie worn around the waist like a belt which has "suspenders" or "stays" that clip to the tops of the stockings to hold them in place.
•  "Stay-ups" or "hold ups" are the second most common means of support. The inside of the top of the stockings has a band (typically silicone) of elastic or highly tractive material that resists slipping down the thigh. Stay-ups have drawbacks because there is no consistent sizing for differences in thigh circumference, resulting in some stockings either falling down or being too tight, leaving red marks and possibly aggravating varicose veins.
•  A garter is the least common means of support. It is slipped over the top of the stocking to hold the stocking by essentially clamping it to the leg. These are the garters typically seen at weddings. They have much the same disadvantages as "stay-ups".

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