Negligees & Long Gowns

Negligees & Long Gowns

Full Length Glamour

We have a fantastic collection of elegant negligees and full length long gowns, these sexy items radiate luxury and demure classic grace, These are exceptional lingerie gowns emiting class and beauty of extravagant levels, fit to make any woman feel like a princess, with intricate ornate detailing using a blend of luxurious materials and fabrics for a flattering long length body look that is striking and eye catching, yet maintains maximum levels of comfort and posterity.

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These give an image of glamour like no other item, perfect for reclining seductively, no one will be able to resist, this nightwear is fine sleepwear to make you feel like a woman that deserves to be worshiped, extra special undergarments for celebrating in style, they are as feminine as they come, and have an appeal all of there own,

Gorgeous and ornate these sensuous whole body negligees flow from sholders to ankle, flatteringly figure hugging and graciously fitting in their appearance throughout the design, these are for when you want something that delivers an extra special and unrivalled glamour factor like no other.

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