Suspender Belts

Suspender Belts

Classic Erotic Glamour

Suspender belt's are a great addition to team with stockings regardless of whether they need holding up or not, to really pack in that timeless wow factor not to mention feeling outragously sexy and desirable as a woman!



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Suspenders or garter belts are a woman's undergarment consisting of a reinforced material strip usually at least 2 to 3 inches wide which is worn around the waist, to which 2 or 3 elastic suspenders are attached on each side. The suspenders are typically clipped to the stockings by metal hourglass clips with rubber circles, allowing for adjustment and a locking mechanism. Such clips are best attached to stockings with a simple welt that does not have lace or silicon lining. hold-ups are an alternative way for holding up. Nevertheless, suspenders continue to be worn. They are considered a reflection of their enduring role in erotic fantasy.

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